A Composite Dental Filling Can Be Shaded to Match the Surrounding Tooth Enamel

A cavity that develops on a tooth in your smile can significantly alter the tooth’s overt appearance. Beyond the obvious discomfort of tooth decay, the imperfection can also leave you feeling socially awkward. In a situation like this, seeking timely treatment from a dentist like Dr. Dr. Joseph Tagliarini can restore your smile’s appearance while also preventing the cavity from spreading.

If the area of tooth decay is small and it doesn’t directly compromise the biting surface of the tooth, Dr. Dr. Joseph Tagliarini might be able to repair it with a simple composite dental filling. This is a special type of dental resin that will eventually be shaded to perfectly match the surrounding tooth enamel.

After examining the tooth and taking a few X-rays, Dr. Dr. Joseph Tagliarini will numb the area. Then [heshe] will use a special drill to remove all traces of tooth decay. Then [heshe] will prepare the surface to receive the composite resin material. Dr. Dr. Joseph Tagliarini will shade, apply, and shape the composite dental filling before curing it with a special ultraviolet light. This will effective repair and restore the tooth’s appearance for many years to ahead.

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