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Bite Guards

Do you grind your teeth at night? If so, Comprehensive Dental Health can create a custom dental bite guard, also known as a nocturnal bite plate, which can help prevent damage to your teeth from the grinding.

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What happens when you grind your teeth?

Clenching and grinding your teeth (also called bruxism) puts pressure on the muscles, tissues, and surrounding structures of your jaw, which can cause jaw joint disorders, headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, and excessive wear on your teeth. These symptoms are usually referred to as "TMJ" problems (temperomandibular joint). Grinding is often a subconscious behavior, but it is far from a rare one: an estimated 30-40 million Americans suffer from bruxism. Usually it is your partner that hears the grinding while they are trying to go to sleep!

In some cases, chronic teeth grinding can result in the fracturing or loosening of your teeth, wearing them down to their stumps. If the grinding goes untreated for too long and enough of your natural tooth is ground away, restorative procedures like bridges, crowns, implants and partial dentures might be needed to save your smile.

How does a bite guard protect your teeth?

A dental guard looks much like the kind of mouth guard an athlete would wear to protect their teeth. It is a horseshoe-shaped plastic appliance (resembling a retainer) that can be worn on either your top or bottom arch. The bite guard protects the teeth from the pressure and damage of chronic clenching and grinding by creating a protective cushion between the upper and lower teeth.

Want to protect your teeth from the damage cause by clenching and grinding? Contact Dr. Dr. Joseph Tagliarini and our team and learn about getting a bite guard for teeth grinding in New Haven, CT, today!

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