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Dental Hygiene Services

Plaque, tartar, gingivitis, periodontitis, pyorrhea, periodontal disease—you have no doubt heard of some of these terms. Untreated, gum disease can have very serious consequences, leading to not only to abscesses and tooth loss, but general infections.

Gum disease is the number one destroyer of teeth in adults over the age of 40. Our dental hygiene services, along with your own good dental habits, will give your smile a fighting chance.

Learn more about gum disease treatments:

  • Gum Disease Treatments

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Routine Prophylaxis:

Preventative care is the best way to keep your teeth healthy for years and years to come. We like to get our New Haven patients on regular visits (4-6 months) to intercept problems before they take root.

In cleaning your teeth, we will find and rid your mouth of supragingival calculus that tends to grow quickly in spots missed by brushing. We also do fluoride treatments, of course, and more—all to halt gum disease before it strikes.

Learn more about our dental hygiene services:

  • Dental Hygiene Services

Periodontal Services:

We also offer a full range of periodontal and dental hygiene services to treat any disease present, and to care for the area immediately around each tooth. These procedures include:

  • Pocket-depth Reduction
  • Periodontal Root Planing and Scaling
  • Full Mouth Debridement
  • Periodontal Maintenance

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