Much like other chronic illnesses, periodontal disease cannot really be “cured,” but with proper periodontal maintenance, it can be controlled and managed. Once bone damage has occurred because of gum disease, your regular 6-month checkup might not be enough to keep your smile healthy and prevent further damage. Periodontal maintenance procedures typically happen more frequently—a schedule that Dr. Joseph Tagliarini will work out with you—and during each periodontal maintenance visit, the Comprehensive Dental Health, LLC team will clean and disinfect above and below your gums to keep any pockets free and clean of bacteria, measure the bone level to ensure no further damage, and periodically take X-rays.

If you are combating periodontal disease, please contact Comprehensive Dental Health, LLC at 203-624-5515 to schedule your next periodontal maintenance procedure and get your teeth back on track!

Will my insurance cover my periodontal cleanings and maintenance procedures?
Many insurance plans pay for periodontal maintenance twice a year, although some of our New Haven patients may require appointments up to four times a year. Although the thought of paying out of pocket is not something anyone likes to consider, it would be a mistake to let your insurance benefits determine your dental health. Your smile is worth it! Think about how expensive more rigorous dental restoration procedures can be when gum disease takes its toll on your teeth; a few extra cleanings a year is well worth the out of pocket cost.

You can contact Comprehensive Dental Health, LLC at 203-624-5515 to learn more about fighting gum disease with periodontal maintenance in New Haven, Connecticut!