Dentistry Topics for Beginners: Dental Sealants

Have you struggled recently with imperfect oral health care and find yourself constantly coming up with cavities or other forms of dental erosion? If so, it is important to seek out tooth restoration treatments designed to prevent further damage from occurring. One highly effective treatment to consider is dental sealants. If you are considering a dental sealant, consider the following benefits they offer:

– Dental sealants have been confirmed to be tremendously effective for preventing cavities and can decrease your risk of them by as much as 80%.

– Dental sealants can be useful for children as young as six years old, or whenever their first molars appear.

– Dental sealants are practically invisible and clear to allow your natural teeth to be visible when the sealants are present.

– Even though tooth enamel is highly effective for protecting your teeth, it can be easily worn down by dental erosion and harmful acids that otherwise would not penetrate dental sealants.

– Dental sealants are known for their durability, as a single dental sealant can effectively last for over a decade before a repair or replacement may be needed.

– According to studies done by the Center for Disease Control, children with sealants are three times less likely to suffer from cavities on protected teeth.

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