Improve the Care of Your Smile with Gum Disease Risk Factor Prevention

Your best chance for optimal oral health consists of not only cleaning your teeth on a daily basis, but receiving the necessary dental care through routine checkups at your dentist’s office, eating healthy, and preventing oral accidents or injuries from arising. In addition, numerous oral health ailments typically include multiple risk factors that are easily preventable. For instance, are you aware of the risk factors for gum disease?

To keep your smile safe against the risk of gum disease, always make sure you’re avoiding unhealthy lifestyle habits that contribute significantly to the rise of the disease. This includes smoking or chewing tobacco as well as using drugs. All of these habits not only damage your smile, but they can diminish your physical health as well. Thus, it is important to avoid unhealthy habits such as these.

There are several risk factors for gum disease that you have little control over. This includes pregnancy, hormonal changes, medications that you may be taking, and genetic predispositions. in fact, genetics can make people up to 6 times more likely to suffer from gum disease simply due to a family history of the disease. However, it is still important to minimize all of the risk factors that you can control.

If you have diabetes, you will be at an increased risk for numerous infectious diseases including gum disease. In addition, if you have a poor diet and continue to eat unhealthy foods, you will increase your risk factors for gum disease. Thus, it is important to always visit your dentist for routine checkups and oral examinations to ensure your oral health care is functioning effectively. Also, don’t forget to visit your dentist every 6 months for a professional cleaning.

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