Replace a Lost or Damaged Tooth With Dentures

If you have struggled with advanced gum disease or have suffered tooth decay issues in the past, you may struggle impaired oral ability. Missing or damaged teeth can create a variety of dental problems, including affecting your speech, preventing you from chewing, and reducing your quality of life. Our dentist may recommend that you receive custom-made dentures to replace missing or weakened teeth.

Dentures are also known as artificial teeth, and they can effectively restore your teeth to full function and appearance. Depending on your condition, you may only need dentures for your upper or lower teeth or you may need to receive a full set of dentures for both arches.

If your smile still has some healthy natural teeth, they may need to be extracted first so that the dentures can firmly remain in place. Following the removal of these teeth, we can send a detailed impression of your mouth to a dental lab to custom craft the new permanent dentures, which are then sent back to our office.

You may also find that denture adhesive helps your dentures fit more tightly and prevents any food particles from sticking in the gap between your gums and the dentures.

If you struggle with compromised or lost teeth or would like to learn more about your options for dentures in New Haven, CT, contact Comprehensive Dental Health at 203-624-5515 today for an appointment with Dr. Dr. Joseph Tagliarini.