Dr. Joseph Tagliarini is pleased to be the Yalie dentist in New Haven, Connecticut, and provide our patients with quality dental care and a customized experience. We invite you to learn more about Comprehensive Dental Health, LLC by reading some of our patient reviews. For more information and to schedule your appointment, please contact our office today.

It’s not everyone who gets to experience a full mouth fixed implant reconstruction. I don’t think I could have made it without your dental expertise, persistence, and gentle care. Thanks for restoring my smile and ability to chew once again.

I was afraid of going to a dentist for years. Wow! Why did I wait so long! Thank you Dr. Tagliarini for “catering to cowards.”

Reconstructing a smile from scratch is no easy task. I can not express how great I feel with my new smile. Thank you Dr. Tagliarini.

I’m a physician and keenly aware of patient-doctor interactions. Thank you for your gentleness, attention to detail, and great dental care.

When Dr. Tagliarini came up with a solution to fix my smile, I jumped at the chance and have never regretted it. Now that I’m not wondering if people are looking at me or at the gaps in my teeth, I have more confidence in greeting people with a genuinely big smile!

I cannot imagine entrusting the care of my teeth to anyone else except Dr. Tagliarini and his staff. Despite a recent relocation, I still travel the distance to maintain this high level of professionalism, excellence, and commitment to quality dental care

Dr. Tagliarini and his staff are superb. As I prepare to relocate, I am confronted with the difficulty of finding a dentist elsewhere of his caliber.

Traveling from Providence, RI to Dr. Tagliarini for dental care if worth it! I always feel well taken care of by the doctor and staff.
-Mary Grace

I only started flossing every day since I came to your office. Thanks for showing and motivating me down the path of healthier teeth and gums!

All of my prior dental care was provided in Italy. I’m glad to have found Dr. Tagliarini and his state of the art dentistry.

Dr. Tagliarini motivated me to apply to dental school. This is just a small example of his passion for the dental profession.

I didn’t know what dentures were supposed to feel like until I started wearing a pair that Dr. Tagliarini prepared for me. Thank you for helping me chew comfortably again.