Teeth Grinding Symptoms

Many different things can cause your teeth to grind whether it’s anxiety, an abnormal or crooked bite, stress in your daily life, sleep disorder, or even be a habit. This grinding is also commonly known as bruxism. Teeth grinding includes the following symptoms:

– Contractions of your jaw muscles
– Dull headaches
– Fractured/loose/painful teeth
– Swelling in the face or jaw areas
– Lasting pain in the face or jaw

When children grind their teeth, it’s usually due to problems such as irritation in the mouth, misaligned teeth, or even allergies. Teeth grinding or bruxism treatments include some of the following treatments:

– Try relaxation practices for the jaw by relaxing the jaw with a warm washcloth before bed. This can help relax the cheeks and jaw before you fall asleep.

– Reduce your stress levels by pinpointing the things in your life that may be causing you stress. Try to eliminate them by reducing your stress levels with counseling sessions, group therapy, and exercise.

– Correct your bite. Consult with your dentist how you can fix the alignment of your smile to stop grinding your teeth.

– A fitted mouth guard may be recommended by your dentist to wear at night or even during the day. This can effectively reduce grinding and the any effects caused by bruxism.

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