Need a Cavity Filled? Consider Composite Fillings

A filling can be a go-to solution for treating a cavity. Granted, not having a cavity is more ideal. However, if a cavity is present, then fillings may fix the problem. The take up the space the cavity made available, which can restore the tooth back to full function. Composite fillings do all this, but they have a few advantages you may want to consider.

One thing you may like about composite fillings is that they can match the color of your teeth. They can match it so well that people you meet may not notice that you have a filling. This characteristic can be a huge plus, given that other fillings tend to make their presence known.

The filling material for composites can also bond with the tooth more effectively than other filling types. Because of this, the filling can stand a better chance of not falling out. Granted you will still need be careful not to make it fall out, but it can hang in there a little better than other types. Also, this bonding ability can make the filling even less noticeable. The border between the natural tooth and the filling may be so small that the filling can make the tooth look like it never had a cavity.

If a composite fillings sound like a good option for you, we offer them here at Comprehensive Dental Health in New Haven, CT. We offer many other treatments too. To learn more about fillings and our other options, do not hesitate to call us at 203-624-5515. Our [dr_type], Dr. Dr. Joseph Tagliarini, is happy to serve you in any way you need.