The 4 Recovery Steps Following Root Canal Treatment

If you have recently restored your oral health with a root canal in New Haven, CT, then it’s time to recover. It’s important to do everything you can to properly heal so you can have the tip-top smile you deserve. If you don’t take the recovery time seriously, you could suffer serious complications. So, to help you properly heal, our Comprehensive Dental Health dental team encourages you to do the following things:

Take prescribed medications

Your dentist will give you prescribed medications to help you with the pain and discomfort. So, take those as recommended. If your doctor does not give you any prescribed medication, you can dull the pain with over-the-counter medication, like Advil or Motrin.

Avoid using that tooth

We strongly recommend that you avoid using the treated tooth if your doctor has not yet filled it with a dental filling or covered it with a dental crown. Chewing with this tooth could cause recontamination or infection.

Brush and floss

It’s best to brush and floss your teeth like normal so you can keep your mouth clean and healthy. If you are concerned about brushing and flossing, please feel free to talk to your dentist for suggestions.


Resting is vital if you want a full recovery. Generally, patients are able to return to normal activities the next day, but until then, take it easy.

Doing these four things will help you get back to your normal everyday life. If you would like more tips on how to recover from root canal surgery, call Comprehensive Dental Health now at 203-624-5515 and talk to a member of our caring dental team. Now remember, if you experience any problems, like swelling and the return of original symptoms, call us immediately and schedule an appointment with Dr. Dr. Joseph Tagliarini.