The Importance of a Tooth Replacement

The importance of a tooth replacement is often seen when a tooth is missing. With missing teeth, gums can destabilize and cause your other teeth to shift. It can also make you look older and weaker. If enough teeth are missing, or highly specialized teeth are gone, speech, eating, speaking can all be affected. Ensure your smile and mouth operates at full capacity by filling in voids with the following teeth replacements:

– Dentures are designed to be a highly effective form of tooth replacement that has been effective for dozens of years. Dentures were considered the premier form of tooth replacement for many years due to the flexibility of removing them at will when necessary. Dentures can be removed on a nightly basis to be cleaned and soaked in a denture washing solution.

– Dental bridges are interesting forms of replacements because they are not held in place with a paste as dentures are, or by attaching to the jawbone like implants do, but rather by building a bond between pre-existing teeth and hold fast through them.

– Dental implants are durable tooth replacements often noted for the hold they can create in your mouth, which in many ways is stronger than your natural teeth. Implants are directly installed into your jawbone, and thanks to a process called osseointegration, the hold between the bone and implant will only grow stronger over time, not weaker.

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